Concrete Patio in Lolo

We were recently contacted by a customer in Lolo, Montana that wanted an old failing deck to be removed and replaced with a concrete patio. The clients desired both the cleaner look of concrete as well as the lower maintenance when compared to the wood deck. Here is a final look at the deck before it was removed.


The deck was cut into smaller pieces for easier removal and then removed from the premises.

Cutting deck apart.

The hot tub was moved from the existing concrete pad so we would not need to work around it. After the work area was cleared, the overall shape of the new patio was discussed with the owners. Once the shape of the new patio was decided on it was time to layout the forms and add clean fill.


The final step was to add rebar to give structral support to the concrete slab.


The rebar was drilled into the existing concrete and a pvc tube was placed under the fill in case anything ever needs to be run under the concrete slab.

rebar 2



All that was left was to add the concrete and the clients were close to getting to enjoy their new patio.

final patio